Undavalli Prediction on Chandrababu's Arrest!Ever since coming to power, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has jailed at half a dozen TDP leaders in one case or the other. Moreover, these are senior leaders and former Ministers of the Opposition party.

There are strong speculations in the rumourmills that Jagan would not stop here and would definitely arrest Chandrababu Naidu some day. In an interview, former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar was asked about the same.

“If I were Jagan, I would never even give it a thought. Jagan has become the Chief Minister today only because he was jailed. No one knows that better than Jagan. Politicians will only become leaders if they go to jail. I don’t think so Chandrababu can be arrested,” he said.

“In the past many tried to jail Chandrababu but nothing happened. People say there many cases and stays. But it is not true. All those cases are dismissed. Except for Note To Vote case, I think there is no pending case on Chandrababu related,” he added.