Undavalli_Aruna_Kumar_Chandrababu_Naidu_JaganThere has been stern criticism on the Jagan-led AP government for misusing the police force. The same happened at Chandrababu’s Anaparthi March yesterday.

Speaking about the incident, Telugu states senior political analyst, Undavalli Arun Kumar warned Jagan.

“I’ve never seen the government trying to stop a politician from carrying on with his Padayatra. YSR did a Padayatra, Chandrababu did it, Jagan himself did it, and now Lokesh is doing it. But it’s strange to see Jagan blocking Chandrababu’s Anaparthi March yesterday. It was a huge mistake” Undavalli said.

The senior statesman pointed out there are many political suicides to take reference from. “Like for instance, Congress lost its roots in Andhra Pradesh after jailing Jagan. Jagan should’ve learnt from this. He shouldn’t be repeating the same mistake of oppressing his opponents with political power.”

Incidentally, AP police came under stern criticism for blocking Chandrababu’s political tour the other day. The permissions were cancelled in the last minute, there was a lot of unnecessary police action, and more so the multiple attempts to stop Naidu’s Yatra in Anaparthi.

CBN was enraged by the same and he announced non-cooperation movement against police for their oppressive acts on TDP of late.