Vundavalli-Aruna-Kumar-JanaSenaFormer MP Undavalli Arun Kumar has come to the limelight with the case over Ramoji Rao. Undavalli who was a close confidante of the Late YSR always looked like helping Jagan without joining YSR Congress.

In every press meet in recent times, Undavalli is heaping praises on Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party. There are rumors in the Godavari districts that Undavalli is trying to butter Pawan Kalyan to join the party.

Pawan Kalyan previously added Undavalli to the fact-finding JAC about Union Government’s assistance to Andhra Pradesh. Undavalli was so pleased with Pawan Kalyan for that and always heap praises whenever and wherever possible.

After Janasena’s disastrous 2019 outing, he started praising Pawan Kalyan’s fighting spirit. So, the rumors are rife.

Undavalli became inactive in politics after the state bifurcation. He did not contest in the two elections after the state division. It has to be seen if he really joins Janasena and becomes active once again.

If that happens, it will be very interesting in the middle of speculations of a possible TDP and BJP alliance.