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Undavalli’s Silly Argument for Petty Politics?

Undavalli Arun Kumar Silly Argument for Petty Politics?Former Rajamahendravaram MP, Undavalli Arun Kumar who is playing an opposition to TDP government came up with an insane argument over the Special Status demand. Undavalli these days is repeatedly talking about Chandrababu Naidu’s comment about compromising on Special Status for Polavaram Project.

Undavalli asked Chandrababu to revolt against the central government. He reminded Chandrababu Naidu that Andhra Pradesh is not dependent on the Central government as in the case of North Eastern States. He asked Chandrababu to stop paying the Taxes for Center and the state will flourish on that money without having even to impose Taxes on the people.

But then there can not be any other insane argument than this. There is a constitution which binds the states to pay Central Taxes. Refusing to pay them will mean a constitutional violation and the Central government will automatically pull down the state government and impose President’s Rule.

Such model will only mean that the states will differ with the center in each and every issue which will only lead to chaos in the country. Undavalli is definitely aware of that but seems to be playing to the galleries just for the sake of argument and petty politics.