U.S: Shocking Death of Indian Woman During River TripMany who had watched the videos of the Grand Canyon would want to experience the raw wilderness of the place. And one such person was Sheetal Patel, a 47-year-old Indian American woman. Unfortunately, she fell into the Colorado River and died by the time the rescue team reached the team, according to a statement from the National Park Service.

At around 2 PM local time, the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Centre received a report regarding a passenger on a commercial river trip who fell into the Colorado River. Commercial guides reached the woman, pulled her out, and began CPR.

National Park Service (NPS) search and rescue personnel assisted with resuscitation efforts. Park rangers were flown in by the park helicopter. But the woman was pronounced dead. The victim was from Chicago, Illinois, but recently from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Patel hiked to the canyon to meet the river trip at Phantom Ranch and was beginning a multi-day boating trip. But she got pulled in by the current of the river. No additional information is available for now.

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