Long COVID 3500 deathsAs per the latest reports, more than 3500 deaths have been noted in American communities in the U.S. and the reason being ‘long COVID’. It’s a condition that is long prevalent after a patient actually gets diagnosed with COVID and it is said to be impacting millions. However, it remains poorly understood and dismissed in some cases.

According to CDC’s Centre for National Health Statistics, approximately 3544 deaths were reported between January 2020 and June 2022 where the cause was “chronic COVID” or “long haul COVID”. Incidentally, 78.5 percent of deaths were among white Americans. Black people accounted for just 10 percent and Hispanics for about 7.5 percent. Of these, most affected were elderly white Americans.

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This has posed great pressure on the US healthcare system as COVID-19 is expected to circulate for years to come. Also, it poses questions for 23 million Americans as it impacts them. However, treatment is difficult as symptoms are many, there are not enough clinics for long COVID and there is a dearth of federal funds.

However, the situation has also put forth the money-gap issue, where the affluent Americans are getting access to specialized clinics and are able to visit hospitals regularly to get out of their condition, while the salaried classes and those below the poverty line are struggling. Many Americans are worried about the lack of proper research and funding as medical professionals maintain that the lingering effects of COVID are here to stay.

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