U.S. Indian Teen Choked, Video Goes ViralIn a shocking incident, an Indian American teen in Texas is seen being choked by a bully following a verbal confrontation. This video is going viral on social media now and it has sparked an outrage.

The incident took place at Coppell Independent School District (Coppell ISD) while the victim’s classmates were filming it on their phones.

After watching the video, it can be understood that the bully tries to evict the victim from the chair and when the latter disagrees to do the same, the former chokes him and drags him from the seating facility.

The victim is identified as Shaan Pritmani and the bully is unidentified as of now. Netizens are commenting that the victim could have sustained permanent paralysis neck down or more fatally, could have died as well. The school management has vowed to take necessary action against the aggressor.