U.S. Embassy India - Audition Bollywood RolesA video posted by the US Embassy is going viral on the social media leaving the viewers to roll on the floor laughing. Check it out and you will keep giggling looking at the poor English people attempting to recreate the popular Bollywood shots.

As seen, a couple of US Embassy people giving auditions for Bollywood roles as part of the US India Dosti initiative. The officials did a decent job though, but their accent while delivering the Hindi dialogues is what the fun part is. Including the emotion, they attempted the shots like a pro.

A lady tried the “Ek Chutki Sindhoor ki Keemath tum Kya Janoge Ramesh Babu” from Om Shanti Om and another man attempted the famous Amitabh’s shot “Mere Pas Maa Hai” and so on. Well, they would definitely be the most entertaining actors if they are selected for any Bollywood film. What do you say?