Winter Storm USAThe USA weather service has termed the ongoing winter storm in the country as a “once in a generation” natural cause and the same can be understood if we take a look at the severity of things.

As per reports, a total of 15 lakh houses in the USA have lost power supply and are experiencing cold darkness. The lowest temperature recorded was -48 degrees.

Over 20 crore people are to face the effect of this brutal winter storm. Several highways across the country were shut due to excessive snowfall.

On Friday alone, over 5000 flights halted services while 7500 flights had delayed services. A 50-vehicle collision in Ohio resulted in a bad road accident.

The officials are asking the residents not to stop out unless it’s absolutely necessary. AccuWeather has predicted that this winter storm could soon be turning into a bomb cyclone.

The untimely natural calamity has resulted in people have to postpone their Christmas travelling plans. The authorities are holding high-level meetings to take evasive action.