Two Years of Jagan's Rule: TDP Missing The Most Important AspectYS Jagan Mohan Reddy has completed two years in power. The two years rule has been more about populism at the cost of ignoring development, new investments, and financial indiscipline while ignoring. Also, Vendetta politics is at peaks like never before in the history of Andhra Pradesh Politics.

TDP has been trying to corner the Government on the issues. It has slightly improved on the social media front but is still struggling in the mainstream media. YSR Congress has been largely successful in branding the media houses focusing on Government failures as TDP media.

Big media houses like TV9 and NTV have been carrying out YSR Congress media painting themselves as neutral media. TDP has failed big time to expose their hidden agenda and they continue to counter the anti-incumbency with their neutral image. Moreover, their reach is always high in both the Telugu States.

Both the channels are keen on being the good books of the ruling parties for the interests of their promoters. And then, there is Sakshi for the ruling party. TDP or for that matter, other parties in Opposition should concentrate on YSR Congress’s media muscle to effectively expose the Government.