Visakhaptnam Railway stationUnion Government has announced the Special Railway Zone with Vishakapatnam as headquarters on February 27th , 2019. It has been exactly two years after that announcement but there is no progress in the Zone works or the release in funds. Back then, while making the announcement, Railway Minister announced finishing the works in 11 months.

Accordingly, the DPR has been prepared and was sent for the Center’s approval. Since then, there is no movement whatsoever. Recently, the Railway Minister in Parliament announced that there is no time period for the new zone which indicates that the Government is not so serious about it.

Going by the allocation to the Zone in the previous two budgets, it may take at least five – six years to materialize. The new zone will need at least 200 Crore. In 2020-21, the Union Government has allocated just 3 Crore Rupees. These funds were diverted and used for Rayagadda division. In 2021-22, a meager 41 Lakhs were allocated.

The announcement was back then made for 2019 elections, it has to be seen if the zone will be a reality at least by 2024 elections.