KCR, Etela Rajender, Eatela Rajender, TRS, BJP, Huzurabad By-election, Dalita BandhuThe counting for the Prestigious Huzurabad By-election is currently underway. The initial trends indicate that Eetela Rajender is comfortably placed to upset TRS. But then, these are only initial trends, TRS can even fight back with many rounds still left.

But then, there are two worrying signs for KCR even in these initial trends. Salapalli, the village where Dalita Bandhu scheme is introduced as a Pilot Project has seen BJ0 getting the majority. Given the amount of money TRS Government spent on this scheme, this is an absolute shocker.

The second worrying sign is A few years after the formation of TRS, the party won the Huzurabad seat in 2004 where Captain V Lakshmikantha Rao won the majority of 44K votes. TRS never lost the seat in the last six elections. But this time, TRS fell behind BJP in Captain’s village.

These are signs of obvious anti-incumbency and TRS has to make note of it. If the party continues to be in denial mode, the fortress will be breached in 2023 Assembly Elections.