Two Reasons Why Jagan Should Not Go To Supreme On AmaravatiAndhra Pradesh Government is confused about what to do with the High Court’s verdict on the three capitals issue. The first idea is to challenge it in the Supreme Court. But then, it is said that Jagan is worried since he believes Chief Justice NV Ramana will be in favor of the issue and Chandrababu Naidu.

Jagan is thinking on the lines to hold the issue until August 26th which is when NV Ramana will retire. But by then, Jagan will have only around 20 months of tenure left. Sometimes legal process itself will take more than 20 months.

That means there would be zero progress on three capitals which means Jagan will have nothing to show by the next elections. Some people say that is actually good because Jagan can blame ‘no time’ to show any on-ground progress.

Given the financial situation of Andhra Pradesh and Jagan’s vision of anything connected to development, it may be good to go to elections with ‘no time’ plank than to attempt anything on the ground. But the delay in filing the petition can also cost Jagan politically.

Let us see what he will finally decide!