Chinta Mohan - YS JaganFormer Union Minister Chinta Mohan has made critical comments about Jagan. “Jagan’s political downfall has started. He will go to jail very soon. An industrialist and a Union Minister’s son is saving Jagan but it will not last long,” Chinta Mohan said.

“The way CBI is behaving in Jagan’s Bail case is a disgrace to the agency. He may become an ex-Chief Minister very soon. Many YSR Congress leaders are not happy with the party. They are looking at Congress. This is a new political development in Andhra Pradesh,” he added.

The video is going viral on social media and there are discussions all over about who is the industrialist and the Union Minister’s son. Meanwhile, Jagan’s bail case final hearing may happen on August 25th and the final verdict may be out that day.

Never in the history of Telugu states, a sitting Chief Minister has gone to jail.