Two International Smugglers killed in Chittoor EncounterTwo out of the 20 smugglers killed in an encounter in Seshachalam forest today were said to be International Red Sandal smugglers clarified the Red Sanders Anti Smuggling Task Force. All those killed were locals of Tamil Nadu. A gang of 30 men tried to attack the Task Force members with sickles and axes which resulted in firing from the task force. Police have a tip off that about 80 smugglers were involved in stealing of the wood. Several still managed to flee from the area.

On the other side, Andhra Pradesh government has ruled out any human rights violation. The police claim that they have clear evidences of the smugglers felling red sandal trees and trying to smuggle them out in pitch dark.

Under Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh government has taken the Red Sandal Smuggling very seriously. A special task force was formed to deal with the smugglers and several 100s of Crores of smuggled wood is recovered so far by them.