Two_Beers_USASerious Criminal charges are levied against three defendants who are accused of buying and selling stolen beer at two local businesses.

The prosecutors say that the accused Ronald Pezzuolo stole beer from R.L. Lipton Distributors and then sold it to Piyushkumar Patel and Ketankumar Patel from Schenley Carry Out and Lucky Food Drive Thru in Youngstown, Ohio, USA.

Pezzuolo worked for R.L. Lipton. Operators of the distributor noticed the missing product, contacted Austintown police, and started a surveillance operation to track the beer, according to the prosecutors.

According to an indictment, it’s estimated that the worth of the stolen beer was about $20,000. The operation lasted for almost two months from August to October last year.

Pezzuolo is facing a grand theft charge, while Piyushkumar and Ketankumar Patel face charges of buying stolen property.

Piyushkumar and Ketankumar Patel were called before the court to answer the criminal charges against them on Tuesday, while Ronals Pezzuolo was arraigned on February 28. Their jury trials are scheduled for May 1.