Two Indians ArrestedTwo men, identified as Nikit S Yadav, 22, and Raj Vipul Patel, 21, were arrested while trying to collect over $100,000 from an elderly woman on Cape Cod in a computer virus scam that they tried to pull off over the weekend.

The two New Jersey men demanded money from the victim, a 78-year-old woman in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, to remove unwanted items from her computer, according to Yarmouth Police. The woman incidentally had called a tech support phone number to ask for help with her computer.

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Both men, who shared an address in the New York City suburb of Parsippany, New Jersey, have been charged with conspiracy and larceny over $1200 by false pretensions.

While the police did not specify what the computer scam entailed, law enforcement officers have issued warnings across the region about various kinds of scams, including grandparents and ones that hold computer systems for ransom!

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