Two Indian Migrants Detained By U.S. PoliceIn an ongoing effort by the US Border Patrol to downsize the number of illegal people trying to sneak into the US, five people have been arrested by them when they spotted a vessel on the St Clair River across the international border near a known smuggling route.

The attempt was made at Algonac in Michigan State. Border Patrol people monitoring the remote video surveillance saw some activity and immediately contacted agents in the area. They saw five people near the vessel who were trying to make it to the shoreline.

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All five detained admitted to having crossed the border from Canada. In fact, two migrants were totally drenched and shivering due to the freezing temperature. Those identified included two people from India and one each from Nigeria, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Usually, the smugglers take advantage of the darkness and freezing temperatures and go to great lengths to cover their criminal activity. As of now, all five are being processed for US immigration law violations.

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