BJP, Telugu States, Andhra Pradesh Special Status, High Court division, Telangana, Amaravati, Modi, KCR, Chandrababu Naidu, 2019 elections BJP after the 2014 elections, had given good indications that it is targeting to grow on its own in both the Telugu States. The real motto is to get the ability to contest on its own for 2019 elections. However the growth of the party is being hindered by two things in both the states. Interestingly these things can be easily done but Center is not doing.

It is Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. Every one are aware that it is more of a political decision and will to grant the Special Status to the state, but BJP is not doing that for reasons best known to them. In Telangana, the contentious issue is the division of the Hyderabad High Court.

TRS is making the delay in High Court division as its weapon against BJP here. Telangana lawyers are already hitting roads demanding the division. They believe Center can easily do that but is not doing due to the pressure of AP Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu. So these two are the things BJP would have done easily to grown in both the Telugu States but is not doing.