chandrababu-suresh-prabhuBuzz emerging from Telugu media suggests that TDP may allot one Rajya Sabha seat from its quota to BJP. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu or BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav may get that seat. However both the choices may have political implications on TDP. Given BJP’s apathy to the state, allotting a seat to the party is a crime.

The candidates list is even disappointing. Suresh Prabhu is heading Railway Ministry which is sitting on one of the most easiest bifurcation promises i.e., Railway Zone. Not giving only implies that there is no political will for BJP to help AP. And on the other side, Ram Madhav is also a poor choice.

Ram Madhav is the one who never really liked the alliance with TDP and is an active supporter to the anti-TDP/anti-Naidu group in BJP. Sending him to Rajya Sabha in TDP quota will definitely send wrong signals to TDP’s own supporters. 31st is the last date of nominations. So next 48 hours will be interesting.