Twitter_India_Ofiice_ShutdownTwitter India has largely cut down on its operations in the country. Later last year, 180 of the total 230 Twitter India employees were fired and sent home.

The latest news is that Twitter India has shut down 2 out of the 3 offices it had in India.

A report from Economic Times reads that Twitter has reportedly fired 90% of its workforce in India and is currently operating with just over 12 members. This is not an official number though.

Twitter had 3 offices in India previously and now, it has one solitary office and only a dozen people working here.

Twitter started sacking employees left right Center after Elon Musk took charge and the workforce in India had to fall prey to the same as the company reportedly fired 90% of the workforce. The recession further added to the mystery.

Twitter has also sacked well over 50% of its global workforce and is currently operating with very limited staff who are having to work round the clock to meet Musk’s demands.