coronavirus Real Story_7So, what’s happening around the world when the Coronavirus fear has been gripping almost every country? People are openly sharing their stories after being diagnosed Covid-19 positive and the symptoms they have been experiencing.

A Nurse from Medvin who was tested positive shared her story how the symptoms showed up, how she was distanced and got the treatment. The nurse has been sharing every day updates on her timeline to create awareness about the pandemic.

Social distancing has been trending in the real-life stories of people who were either affected by the virus or has got someone, a friend or relative suffering from the infection.

There is this funny story about social distancing when a herd of elephants broke into a village, got drunk with corn wine, and fell asleep in a tree garden. Humour in times of critical situations!

Coronavirus hysteria has been taking over, but we can see many who are trying to brave the situation by telling what’s happening around the world when the tight grip of Coronavirus is yet to ease.

Here are a few stories we would like to share.

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