Tweet Watch: Pawan Kalyan's Target RevealedJanasena President Pawan Kalyan had tweeted another set of allegations on TDP this morning about their role in Andhra Pradesh not getting the Special Status. Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan has tweeted 23 times since TDP’s No Confidence Motion is introduced in the Parliament until now (12 PM on 22nd June).

20 Tweets are totally criticizing TDP and one Tweet is about Janasena Party’s Promise of Right Politics. In Two Tweets, he blamed TDP and BJP jointly. This very much reflects the mood of Pawan Kalyan and the direction of Janasena’s Special Status Fight.

Pawan Kalyan has changed drastically since the day TDP Ministers came out of NDA Government, according to the General Observation of the Political Experts. On March 8th, Sujana Chowdary and Ashok Gajapathi Raju resigned from the Union Cabinet.

On March 14th at Janasena Formation Day meeting, Pawan Kalyan first made Corruption Allegations on Nara Lokesh and targeted Chandrababu as well. Since then, he has been aiming all guns at TDP and naming BJP sparsely now and then as if he is criticizing it for the sake of doing it.