TV9 CEO Ravi PrakashThere is a buzz in the media for a while that KCR’s close-aide, My Home Rameshwara Rao had purchased the major stake of popular News Channel, TV9 and will be taking over the management very soon. CEO Ravi Prakash clarifies this in a media interview. He reportedly rubbished the news as baseless rumour.

“If we go by what these rumours say, TV9 is already sold 100 times. There is absolutely no deal with My Home. Since the campaign is so intense this time, it will take time to settle,” Ravi Prakash said. He also rubbished rumours about striking a deal with Nara Lokesh for setting up a news channel.

“I always stand by my core philosophy that media should be independent of politicians. I feel it is unethical,” the TV9’s CEO said. So this should calm down KCR’s opponent for now as they need not battle the most powerful man with the most powerful media channel on his side.