TV Ratings: Sakshi Goes Below ETV APThe downslide of Jagan Mohan Reddy-owned Sakshi TV is going unabated in the Ratings Chart. BARC released the ratings for Week 19th of 2023 i.e., May 6th to May 12th and the numbers paint a very scary picture.

Sakshi is ranked eighth in the list and even less than ETV AP in the AP and TG 15+ market. The News Channel of Andhra Pradesh affairs of the Eenadu Group is known for less focus on Sensationalism and so, the ratings of the channel are always on the lower side.

Sakshi (10.4) is placed lower than ETV AP (10.6).

TV5 (32.8), and ABN Andhrajyothy (23.5) which Jagan terms as his arch-rivals are ranked in third and fifth positions respectively.

That means the people are consuming very less news about the Ruling Party with elections just ten months to go in Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Congress followers can satisfy themselves by saying that their defacto mouthpieces like NTV and TV9 are in the first two spots. But then, both channels are known for changing colors with the weather. They are bound to change their orientation as elections near.

In such a scenario, Jagan will be stranded with nothing in hand with Sakshi struggling.

In the one year before the 2019 elections, Sakshi used to be in the Top-4 position and ABN used to be somewhere at 8-10. ETV AP used to be at the bottom of the table for the already said reason. It is exactly the opposite scenario now.

TV5 is also registering its lifetime best ratings in the last couple of years.