Sakhi_TV_Media_BARC_RatingsSakshi Media is continuing on its downward spiral run at an alarming rate. The BARC viewership ratings of Sakshi have been plumetting for the past few weeks and the situation is no different last week.

As per the latest BARC ratings, Sakshi has been confined to the sixth position on the list of Telugu news channels. NTV occupied the first place with 70 rating points. TV9 came second with 50 rating points.

With 21 rating points, ABN is ahead of Sakshi. With 14 rating points, Sakshi is 6th on the list. ABN is continuing to rank above Sakshi over the past few weeks and the same happened now as well.

The fact that the ruling party, YSRCP’s mouthpiece Sakshi is continuing to report low viewership could reflect the current political landscape in Andhra Pradesh, comment political observers.