TV-Ratings-KCR-T-NewsBARC has released the ratings of News Channels for the week of June 18th-24th. NTV, TV9, and TV5 have kept their places in the Top 3 positions.

The surprise this week is the performance of the TRS party-owned T-News Channel.

It has slipped to the ninth position much below 10TV and ETV AP.

The position of the channel is the same in the ratings of All 15+ age group and Males 22+ age group

If that is an indication of the mood of the public, it is a warning sign for KCR.

T-News is the mouthpiece of TRS and it should work effectively to take the party’s voice to the public.

What is more alarming is that the V6 channel which supports BJP is going strong and is in the fourth position.

There are reports that the promotors of TV9 are also drifting away from TRS. As a result, the party may find itself on the slippery ground with elections fast approaching.

A quick look at the Andhra Pradesh scenario, ABN – Andhrajyothy is in the fifth position and is ahead of YSR Congress’s Sakshi which is in the sixth position.