ABN_SakshiBARC released the News Channel ratings for weeks 7 and 8 of February. In All 15+ category, NTV continues to be the market leader in AP and Telangana while TV9 and TV5 are in the next two positions.

Ahead of the elections in Andhra Pradesh, fifth-ranked ABN – Andhrajyothi (27) is ahead of Jagan Mohan Reddy-owned Sakshi TV (16) which is ranked seventh. ETV AP (12/13) is also within sniffing distance of Sakshi.

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In All 15+ Hyderabad category, TV9, T News, TV5, and NTV are in the first four positions. ABN is in the sixth position (44,41) while Sakshi is in the seventh position and is barely watched in the city with poor ratings (9,10).

In AP and Telangana Rural in all 15+ category, NTV, TV9, and TV5 are in the top three positions.

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ABN is in the fourth position (23) and is ahead of Sakshi which is in the sixth position (17,16).

Being behind ABN in Urban, Rural, and Hyderabad too is a danger signal for Sakshi and YSR Congress.

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Elections in Andhra Pradesh are just fourteen months to go. If the people are consuming news of the Opposition more then it is a clear sign of anti-incumbency.

Also, ABN is not available on Government cable networks which have sizeable consumer base.

The only respite for YSR Congress is that its mouthpieces TV9 and NTV are doing well. But these channels are known for picking the mood of the people and changing their stance just before the elections.