home minister chinna rajappa - Tuni Ratnachal fire- CIDAP CID’s remand Report over the violence that happened after Kapu Gharjana few months reveals that the entire episode of vandalizing Public Property and burning of Ratnachal Express that day is completely pre-planned. The report said that Mudhragada instigated those who came to the meeting.

CID had arrived at a conclusion that the miscreants who went on a rampage that day brought Petrol, Diesel and other weapons with them. The report also added that some who attended the meeting have come there with malicious intent. CID already made some arrests in this case and Mudhragada is trying to hamper the investigation.

However the government clarified that Mudhragada can not dictate terms for the government and cases can not be withdraw as they are already before court. Home Minister Chinnarajappa also announced that government will not hesitate to arrest Mudhragada also if he is found guilty in the investigation.