TTD_EO_Dharma_ReddyA couple of days ago, a drone-camera visual of the Tirumala holy shrine was shared on social media and it went viral. This created a huge controversy as the Tirumala temple is a strict no-fly zone for aircraft and drones.

The TTD EO, Dharma Reddy has commented about the shocking incident and he had a very interesting comment about the same.

“Yes, we did permit the IOC workers to fly the drones at a specified area. But they crossed the line and captured the Tirumala temple with a drone, which is unacceptable. We have filed a case on them” the EO said.

Dharma Reddy added that the video has been taken down from YouTube and he vowed to develop anti-drone technology in Tirumala very soon.

While the usage of drones has been strictly banned in Tirumala, the EO has now created a new controversy by saying her permitted the usage of drone, but wasn’t aware of the drone actually capturing Tirumala temple footage.