The Neeraja Mathur Committee appointed to resolve the ongoing Power Crisis between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States has solved the issue in favour of Telangana. It is known that the committee had already decided that AP can not cancel the unapproved PPAs made in United State and now the committee has decided that both the Telugu states will also have to share the Power going to be produced from Krishnapatnam and Hinduja Projects according to the power sharing ratios decided in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act.

So, Telangana will get 52.12% of total power produced by these projects while Andhra Pradesh will get the remaining. The only respite AP gets from the committee is the small non conventional power projects which produce 1-2 MW. AP can use this power totally to itself. The committee will once again have a hearing on 4th of this month with both the states and finalize the issue.

This judgement of the committee will bring a lot of respite for Telangana state which is reeling under the pressure of severe power cuts. On the other side, Andhra Pradesh will be disappointed as it will peg back the state from its goal of becoming a power surplus state. We will have to see what Chandra Babu will do in this issue going further.