KCR-topic-in-Telangana-shcool booksThe various methods in which the new Telangana Government is trying its best to invigorate K Chandrasekhar Rao as Telangana hero in the minds of the people of Telangana and its new generations of children is surely leaving them perplexed.

Sample this, a student of class 8 in the recently concluded quarterly examination in Medak was asked to write about the CM, appreciating his role in the formation of Telangana. In case he did not get it there was a optional question provided which asked something similar but on Mahatma Gandhi and his role in Indian National Independence Moment. Now only a person with pea brain could not get what they were trying to do here.

Even the current grievances of the state were posed as question to be answered by these kids such why is the state witnessing power crisis and what could be the solution to this. Or even better what measures would the kind like to take to make a golden Telangana?

One can clearly see where these entire questions are coming from and what the intention behind all of this is? Will influencing the kids mind provide the solution for the Telangana government or is this way to make a hero? Aren’t they indirectly mocking the intelligence of adults with such silly propagation? If only things were so easy every government would have made heroes out of their leaders, wouldn’t they?