Trump Narendra ModiIn PM Modi’s New India, it has become common that opposition leaders have become the main targets of the BJP. While many prominent BJP leaders with criminal histories are inducted into the cabinet, opposition party leaders are disqualified just for their speeches.

Mainly the ministers from Congress, AAP, and Trinamool Congress have become the prime targets of ED, CBI, NIA, and BSF, who are blindly following the orders from the ruling central government.

And because of this, many leaders from other parties who were involved in the biggest of crimes and scams joined the BJP party. Within a few months, all the cases against them were withdrawn, and they were given a clean chit.

Assam’s current chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sharma, is one such example who was facing corruption charges when he was in Congress, and once he joined BJP, he was not only given a clean chit but also was made party’s CM candidate in Orissa.

A meme is going viral these days, where Trump is entering Modi‘s office with a BJP shawl around him and a Hindu tilak on his forehead and is requesting Modi if he can join the BJP party.

Recently America’s ex-president, Donald Trump, was indicted over his role in paying hush money to a porn star. He faces over 30 counts related to business fraud. The sources suggest that he might get arrested sometime soon.

Since BJP is called the ‘Washing Machine’ party, where every criminal gets a clean chit after joining it, people are sharing this hilarious edited viral meme where Trump is requesting Modi to allow him to join BJP so that he can be freed from all the charges against him.