trs mps met union law ministerThe ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti seem to have taken a risky step by critcizing Hyderabad High Court. The high court which is currently serving as a common high court for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana had given some brickbats to Telangana government over several issues in the recent past. TRS Rajya Sabha MP, KK Kesava Rao openly declared that they do not believe the high court for obvious reasons.

He found fault with the court’s ruling of not allowing temporary high court of Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad while the truncated state’s secretariat, Assembly are here. TRS MPs met Union Law Minister and informed him that they lost trust on Hyderabad high court and requested to transfer all Telangana cases to other court.

This comments may come under the contempt of the court and likely to be take seriously if TRS also endorses them. TRS is pressing for separate high court with the view point that their own high court will endorse all their decisions that are being arose between AP and Telangana during the bifurcation. Couple of days ago, TRS MPs even stalled the proceedings of Parliament on this issue.