TRS Leader Son Abhishek Goud Arrested for Harassing Women!Abhishek Goud, 22, son of Malkajgiri municipal councilor N Jagdishwar Goud (TRS) was arrested on Tuesday night following complaints from several girls that he was harassing and pressuring them to meet him after befriending them on social media.

He is an engineering student at a private college. The modus operandi would be that he will send friend requests to college girls on Facebook and befriend them. Later he would take their phone numbers and send messages on WhatsApp and make anonymous calls also.

He used to pester them to meet him and if they refused he would pressurize them, threaten to upload their morphed photos, phone numbers and chats on the web or porn sites. He blackmails them saying that he had powerful political friends and they should be ready to face dire consequences if they listen to what he says.