TRS-TDPCongress Party in Andhra Pradesh is reduced to Zero in the recent elections after the state division. The oldest party in the country is doing all that it can to win back people’s confidence through its old campaigners, Raghuveera Reddy, Botsa etc. Despite they making severe criticism, Chandrababu Naidu or TDP do not give any importance to them and simply rubbish them as a party rejected by people.

Giving no importance to them automatically reduce them in media coverage and people’s memory. But Chandrababu is hitting them indirectly by encouraging as many defections as possible. This is deemed as one of the best political strategies. However back in the other Telugu State, Ruling TRS party has totally missed the trick.

Congress is the main opposition party in Telangana and TRS party is giving more importance to TDP which have a mere 10 MLAs. TRS Big heads KCR, KTR, Harish Rao are directly using their energies to counter TDP especially Revanth Reddy. Suspending them from Assembly gets them sympathy from people and TDP automatically gets the status of next alternative. The fight being put in by TDP also instills the confidence in the left over MLAs and cadre. Indirectly TRS is giving a lifeline to TDP in Telangana.