It is just hours now before the winners of the recent held elections will be announced. All the political parties are excited and nervous but Telangana Rashtra Samiti seem to be a bit relaxed. It is almost certain that the party will be coming to power. It has to be seen if gets majority on its own or have to take the help of other parties to form the government. Telangana Rashtra Samiti today confirmed that it will not be taking the help of TDP or BJP in case it falls short of majority.

Instead the pink party will approach the communal MIM or its close rival Congress for help. TRS also confirmed that it will support UPA in case of Rahul Gandhi having an opportunity to become Prime Minister. If Rahul does not stand a chance, TRS will be supporting third front at the center. Experts say TRS feels TDP may emerge as threat to them in future and so wants to decimate it and the parties supporting it.