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TRS Activists block Sharmila’s Odarpu Yatra!

trs party stopped sharmila odarpu yatraThe second leg of Sharmila’s Telangana Odarpu Yatra is currently underway in Nalgonda district. Sharmila’s Odarpu Yatra did not attract much public or media glare until today. But suddenly TRS activists obstructed Sharmila in Nagarjuna Hill Colony who is there to console a family who is said to have lost its head in the shock of YSR’s death.

Tension prevailed in the area for some time as slogans were raised against Sharmila and asking her to go back. It was then the Police intervened and dispersed TRS activists. Sharmila then completed consoling of the family and proceeded to the next. It may be reminded that TRS leaders were telling they will not mind Sharmila’s Yatra in Telangana as YSRCP is extinct there.

YSR Congress is completely emptied in Telangana. The handful of MLAs the party had after the elections already joined the ranks of the ruling party. YS Jaga stood away from Telangana affairs after the election defeat and thrust the responsibility of Party’s revival in the state to YS Sharmila and Telangana Working President and Khammam YSRCP MP, Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy.


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