TRS Attack Dharmapuri Arvind HouseTRS activists attacked the house of BJP MP Dharmapuri Arvind in Hyderabad on Friday. They stormed his residence in Hyderabad and destroyed the mirrors and furniture in the house.

The police tried to stop the TRS activists who went to lay siege to the MP’s house.

They allege that Dharmapuri Arvind made some other inappropriate comments and also said she would ditch the party very soon. So, they attacked the MP’s house.

About thirty of the protestors were arrested by the police and taken to Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills PS. MP Arvind was not in Hyderabad at the time of the incident.

He was present at the Disha meeting held at the Collectorate in Nizamabad. In the wake of the attack in Hyderabad, the police have set up security at MP’s house in Nizamabad.

“Aravind is spoiling the name of Nizamabad. I do not want to throw stones in muddy water. You can do politics but do not do Picchi Veshalu. I will defeat Aravind in the next election wherever he contests,” Kavitha said.

Aravind said TRS activists terrified his mother who is in the house and warned TRS not to politics using women. “If Kavitha has any guts, she should contest against me in the 2024 elections in Nizamabad Parliament,” he challenged.