TRP Ratings: NTV Takes Big Lead Over TV9TV9 has been a market leader in Telugu News Channels for so long but the channel seems to be on a downward spiral making way for NTV at the top in the last few weeks.

From the last five weeks, NTV is much ahead of TV9 in the TVR Ratings released by BARC. The difference is not even a little. There is a solid ~ 20 points difference between both the channels.

BARC has released Week 11 (March 12th – March 18th) ratings today. In the Total Market ratings, NTV has got 79 while TV9 has managed only 57. V6 and TV5 are in the next two positions.

NTV is leading over TV9 in all the categories – <75 Rural, <75 Urban, AP & TS Rural, and AP & TS Urban. Only in BARC Hyd, TV9 is in first place followed by V6 in the second.

In <75 Urban category, the gap is 44 ratings, In <75 Rural category, the gap is 30 ratings, In BARC HYD, TV9 is ahead of NTV with 89 ratings. V6 is ahead of NTV by 28 ratings here.

If NTV can improve its presence in Hyderabad, we may see it emerge as a clear market leader in the coming days.

With elections coming up, TV9, which is a big supporter of ruling parties in both states losing its place is interesting.