Lovers Kissing on Delhi MetroSexual behaviors and attitudes may be marked by different factors, such as generations, culture, and media influences. Couples kissing, hugging, and even making out is a common scenarios in the USA or any other western country.

There is no law or rule in a country like the USA that prevents people from indulging in public obscenity. The Public also ignores it if a couple is making out on a metro train, in a lift, or in a taxi. Even cops turn a blind eye to such incidents.

Such things were a big No-No in India as our country has always been a nation of great values, morals, and traditions. Under section 294 of the IPC, causing annoyance to others through ‘obscene acts’ is a criminal offense.

But the youth of our country also seems to be smitten by the western culture, and many incidents are being reported where couples are indulging in liplocks or more in a public place without caring about what others might think. Many videos have gone viral in the recent past where over-the-top public displays of affection (PDA) were witnessed; the latest one happened in Delhi.

Delhi’s metro train is getting all the flak once again. Recently, people expressed their displeasure on social media after the video of a bikini-clad girl surfaced on a train. And now a video of a couple kissing in a metro train is going viral. This couple is seen kissing openly without worrying about the world. People are saying that only porn is left to be witnessed on a Delhi metro train now.

The youth of this country must realize that PDA in limits is fine, but creating a nuisance in public places and causing embarrassment and discomfort to others is highly objectionable.