Gang_Rape_Hyderabad_GirlCrimes against women are at an all time high and here’s another shocking addition to the list as a girl in Hyderabad was sexually assaulted by 4 men.

Going into the story, a girl was gang raped by 4 men at Chandrayanagutta of Hyderabad.

The girl was trapped by a woman at a medical shop in Chandrayanagutta and was taken to the 4 men who later sexually assaulted her.

It is primarily understood that the girl was intoxicated before she was raped by the 4 men. The men are said to have been in the influence of marijuana while assaulting the girl.

The girl was reportedly locked in a room and she was tortured by the culprits.

The girl’s parents filed a police complaint and the investigation is underway now. More details will unfold in the due course.