Total Curfew in Seshachalam Forest!Andhra Pradesh government despite heavy criticism on the recent encounter of Red Sandal smugglers in Seshachalam is in no mood to compromise on steps to protect the rare Red Sanders. The government is planning to impose Section 144 in the Forest which will prohibit any one from entering the forest with out permission.

Any Trespassers will be handed over 25000 penality and up to two years jail term. Police and Forest officers are allowed to fire when some one tries to attack them when trying to stop the smuggling. This rule is enforced in the forest an year ago but is not implemented. With the recent encounter, it will be strictly enforced from now.

After Chandrababu Naidu assumed to office, Andhra Pradesh Police arrested more than 1500 people in Red Sanders smuggling. Majority of them are workers. It is said that these workers are paid 10 times more than the normal wages to cut the wood illegally in pitch dark. They do not mind killing the forest officers who try to stop them.