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Top 5 States of India to Buy Adult Toys – Telugu One Among

Top 5 States of India to Buy Adult Toys-Telugu One AmongOnline shopping has become a boon for people nowadays where every one of the family is busy in running for their life. Especially for those shy Indians who cannot go to the store and ask for a Condom by themselves. With the help of Online shopping, Indian started to explore in terms of having pleasure.

Top 5 States of India to Buy Adult Toys
S# State
1 Maharashtra
2 Karnataka
3 West Bengal
4 Tamil Nadu
5 Andhra Pradesh

That’s Personal, a sex wellness online store has conducted a survey on the sex toys/products bought online and revealed surprising facts about India and sex. Top five states that buy the sex toys most are Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. Yes, Hyderabadis are found enthusiastic buyers of men’s thongs!

While UP men brought Penis enlargement products, West Bengal players brought candy Panties and Assamis were found the Kinkiest by buying the Kinky and BDSM products. But Punjab women knocked them all. They stood as the highest consumers of sex toys. Well, women turned out to be the super explorers! Another interesting part is that Gujarat has shown a rise in orders of sex products during Navratri season. No judging ok! That’s all personal!