In the wake of re-polling in some polling booths in Seema Andhra and Telangana tomorrow, Election Commission had restricted State News Channels from giving their exit polls. On the other side, National Channels have started their predictions after 6.30 PM as soon as the last phase of elections completed across the country. Out of the four major Exit Polls revealed. Two were in favour of NDA while one is in favour of YSR Congress while the other gave equal seats to both the parties.

Times Now: Telangana | TRS 8-10, Congress 3-5, NDA 2
Seema Andhra | BJP-TDP 15-20 seats and YSRCP 5-8 seats

CNN-IBN: Telangana | TRS 10, Congress 4 NDA 3
Seema Andhra | BJP-TDP 11-15 seats and YSRCP 11-15 seats

India Today: TDP: 15-19 YSR: 8-12 TRS: 10-14 Cong: 1-3 Others:0-2

ABP News: BJP-3, Congress-3, TDP-9, TRS-8, YSR Congress-18, Others-1

National News Channels have thrown their predictions on to Telugu People. We will have to see how local state Channels present their exit polls tomorrow.