Top 10: "Investments Gone In JaGone Govt"One of the biggest and more importantly worrisome complaints about the YS Jagan-led AP government is the lack of investments in the state. There’s also a strong opinion that Jagan’s reverse moves are not just not attracting new investments but also scaring away potentially interested investors.

Now, the opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu has come down heavily against Jagan, calling him JaGone Reddy and here’s a brief report on the same.

Sharing a pictorial report on the Indian states with highest new investment projects, Naidu wrote “ Major Southern Indian states are on the list, but… Andhra Pradesh – Gone
What have you done to our State, JaGone Reddy?#JaganFailedCM.”

We see Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana on the list but there is no trace of Andhra Pradesh. Depicting the same, Chandrababu has given a new name to Jagan – JaGone Reddy.

Naidu is strategically using the biggest complaint against Jagan and has come up with a new name to the latter that sarcastically mocks him about the same.