Tollywood Stars Give 'Formality Thanks' To Jagan Today is the third day of the revised ticket prices G.O. in Andhra Pradesh. The G.O. has solved a problem the government itself has created.

Megastar Chiranjeevi had to plead with folded hands and stars like Prabhas and Mahesh Babu had to go to Tadepalli to please the CM to get the man-made crisis solved.

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Once the G.O. is out, the Government supporters expected all the stars to stand in line and praise the Chief Minister but what has happened is totally different.

On the day-1, Megastar Chiranjeevi thanked the CM due to obvious compulsion. Prabhas the first beneficiary of the G.O, with Radhe Shyam, thanked the CM.

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On Day-2, we saw tweets by the production houses of Dil Raju and RRR. And there is a customary thanks press meet from the film chamber. Mahesh Babu also thanked the CM.

Rajamouli has thanked the CM on the third day. Very few stars have thanked and even those who did gave an impression that they are not doing it whole-heartedly because we know why. In case it is genuine, the tweets would have come in a jiffy immediately after the G.O. is out.

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The issue has started with Jagan feeling that the industry is not respecting him enough when compared to Chandrababu. Probably, the ruling party may have thought the respect would come by tormenting the industry. But it proved to be wrong.

Hopefully, the Chief Minister will let go of the issue here. Already, it has caused enough damage for YSR Congress. Respect should be earned not sought, people say.