Tollywood eagerly eyes Balayya's TG tour!
Nandamuri Balakrishna will be starting the success tour of his Legend movie today in Telangana. This is the first of a film event happening in Telangana post the state bifurcation. Tollywood is anxious about its existence in the region after state division as most of its assets are confined in the region. Also Nizam region contributes the highest collections for any movie. The animosities in the Telangana people should subside for the film industry to flourish as the majority of actors and producers are from the Seema Andhra region.

Response for Balayya’s tour will be an example of what is in store. The actor is a supporter of Telugu Desam Party which was very much battered due to Telangana sentiment. Also Balayya is traditional weak in the region as an actor. So, the reception he gets in the region is a perfect way to guage the mood of Telangana. However some rubbish these fears saying that films and politics are different. They cite the example of Legend doing very well in the Nizam region for their case.