Bhumana Karunakara Reddy Blaming Chandrababu Naidu is the escape route to everything under the sun for YSR Congress. Rayalaseema is facing unprecedented rains and there are floods all over. Many places are submerged and cut off to the rest of the world.

The Chief Minister has come under severe criticism for not visiting the affected areas and is busy attending weddings. We have seen instances of people protesting against YSR Congress MLAs and Ministers in some constituencies.

At this juncture, YSR Congress Tirupati MLA, Bhumana Karunakara Reddy has come up with a strange logic. He says Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is the reason for floods because he did not take enough measures to clear encroachments of rivers during his tenure.

He also adds that Tirupati has got never before rains in the last 100 years and there is no Government failure. “Even if the MLA’s allegations about encroachments are true, it is a sham that Jagan Government could do nothing about them in three years,” TDP criticizes.

“Rainfall highest in 100 years naturally will result in flooding but the tragedy is the lack of preparedness of the Government and relief measures. What is more worse is the insensitive behavior of going to weddings and taking selfies when people are suffering,” they add.