Slippers FootWear Shoes Chappals Queue Varanasi Bank ATMsYou use this idea and you need not stand in the queue at ATM’s or Banks for your transactions. You just need a pair of footwear for it. It is found that people are leaving the footwear instead of standing in the line for hours. This incident was reported at Varanasi.

It is taking hours together to get one’s turn at Banks and ATM’s these days. People are reaching the place at least an hour earlier than the banks are open and yet there is a huge queue. Then they got up with this idea of arranging their slippers/sandals with names on a tag in a queue at the bank before it is opened.

The sudden announcement had a serious effect on several villagers as the online transaction is not practiced much there as did in cities. They need cash on hand to fulfill their daily needs too which is making them struggle to get their money in hand.